What about spirituality and happiness?

What does our spiritual nature contribute to our state of happiness? In my last post I said that what we think and our attitudes have the most influence on our state of happiness. In my opinion our spirituality  determines the way we think and our attitude; so that makes the pursuit of our spiritual side the main determiner of our state of happiness. So what is spirituality? Our soul or inner self is the part of us  closest to God, Source or All That Is; whatever you may call it; to me it doesn’t make any difference what we call it, him, her. We all have one whether we are religious, a nonreligious believer or a nonbeliever. It is accessible to us all if that is what we want. In eastern religions the inner self is accessed through the practice of meditation; in others through prayer.

Who is spiritual and why? Anyone looking for a closer connection to God, anyone looking for answers to who they are or why they are here, what their life’s purpose is. Most of us realize that we didn’t just happen; that there was a higher intelligence involved. Do we have to be religious? Of course not, but we have to believe in a creator of some sort. You may be religious and spiritual, religious and hardly spiritual at all or a nonreligious believer. Either is okay.

Why does being spiritual make you happier? We change our priorities, what’s important to us. We find out that stuff, and the things most of us want doesn’t provide the happiness we want. A loving family, lots of friends and a life of purpose that benefits society and other people gives us happiness. Stuff can be nice but without the other it comes up short.

Meditation can quiet our mind, slow everything down, relive stress, take us inward, help us find out who we are, bring us insight, bring us peace. You can download free meditation help off the internet. There are also many good books out there for you if you are on your personal spiritual journey. In the future I will talk about some that have had an influence on me. I love Amazon, you can search for whatever interests you, read the customer reviews and even read exerts  from the books themselves. If you haven’t been there check them out. It’s not just books.


This is the last in this series.  I hope you found something you could use in your life. As always I would like you ideas and input. Have a great day wherever you are.  David Johnson

Tomorrow a recipe for a breakfast dish good for holiday guests or everyday.


What Is Our Mind’s Role in Our Happiness?

You choose your state of happiness by the states of your body, mind. and spirit. Today I have chosen to talk about the mind’s role.

Your mind determines your state of happiness by your imagination, your thoughts and your beliefs. What we imagine becomes our reality; everything that now exists was first imagined or we wouldn’t have it. What we predominately think about comes into our life whether that is what we want or not. Our beliefs determines what we think and thus what we imagine our life results will be.

We can change our beliefs, we can control our imagination but it is hard or impossible to completely control our thoughts. We must be aware of our thoughts at all times or our negative thoughts may bring a negative result into our life. Our thoughts are fueled by our egos. When we have a thought; we need to determine if it is ego talking, is it coming from an area of peace, love and acceptance or is it coming from an area of fear, hatred or turmoil. If the later; it is ego talking, ego must keep the drama going to remain strong. When we refuse to validate what the ego says, we lessen the power of the ego. Only give power to those thoughts that give you peace, love and acceptance.

We have full control over our imagination but only if we are constantly aware of our thoughts. Never imagine anything that you don’t want in your life. When you imagine something it is like putting in an order for it.

Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.     Dale Carnegie

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a happy and healthy day.       David

What is Our Bodies Role in Our Happiness

We chose our state of happiness by the states of our bodies, minds and spirits. Today I am going to talk about our bodies.

It would be foolish of us to ignore the condition of our physical body and it’s ability to influence our state of happiness. We all know of instances of people’s physical or mental health leading them to be severely depressed or to even attempt suicide. How many times have we read of a celebrity who would be considered by most of us, to have had it all, who has committed suicide or engaged in a dangerous  practice that lead to premature death. We can then conclude that good heath, even great physical beauty and even great wealth and social standing does not guarantee lasting happiness.

So should we just ignore our physical self in our search for happiness? Of course not, to do so would add another burden for us to overcome in the process of obtaining and remaining in a state of happiness. The condition of our physical bodies are happiness neutral. While a weak, sickly and dysfunctional body may make it harder to remain in a state of happiness, it does not preclude it. In the same light; perfect physical health does not guarantee lasting happiness either.

We are here on this earth in this physical body which gives us mobility, gives us the ability to experience this human experience in whatever way we choose. Would it not be foolish, on our part, to not maintain it to our best ability? There are those that would not consider not changing the oil, or airing the tires on their car but who do eat unhealthy food to excess and spend most of their time sitting in front of the TV.

A healthy body can help increase our happiness, can give us the ability to do our life’s purpose, and can give us a long, happy, productive and satisfying life. My goal with this blog is to help you do just that. If that is your goal, then let me know how I may help.


Next I want to talk about the mind’s role in our happiness.


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What Do We Really Want?

What do we really want anyway? Do we know? We race through life trying to get what we want; yet how many of us are happy when we get it. Not that there are a lot of us that ever get all of what we think we want. Whether it is more money, more leisure time, a new car or house; I think that what we all are looking for is happiness.

Then the next question is, What makes us happy. It is not stuff; I assure you. Maybe in the short term but not for the long term. When we look outside of ourselves for happiness; we find it fleeting at best. To have lasting happiness it must come from within us. Most think it comes with the stuff, but when we are happy first, the stuff, if we still think we want it, comes easier.

Happiness comes from living in the present and not in the past or future. It comes from having an attitude of gratitude for what we do have, whether it is stuff, health, relationships, careers,etc. as well as being loving and accepting of others, all this makes us feel happier.


Read this article by Jane Hall, What Makes Us Happy ?  @ www.Psychcentral.com for more in-dept reading.

Next I will talk about the three things I think that determines our state of happiness. Our bodies, minds and spirits.

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

A couple days ago I made this wonderfully tasty cauliflower and kale soup and the good thing about it, well two actually, it was quick to make and very good for you. I started with about 4 cups of water and added chicken base to taste; you could use chicken bouillon or just use commercially prepared chicken broth or stock. Whenever I cook chicken I always try to use the resulting broth. Even if you are baking the chicken, cook it on a rack and put some water in the bottom of the pan to prevent the drippings from burning. You don’t usually get as much broth when you are baking but it is usually more concentrated.

I heated the broth to a boil and added 1/2 of a medium yellow onion chopped and I large clove of garlic diced. I went to my garden and got 8 – 10 large kale leaves with the stems; washed it, cut off and chopped the stems and added them to the broth. I then added about a cup of garden peas. Next I cut a large head of cauliflower in half, cut up one half into small pieces and added to the pot. I even used part of the stems. Next I chopped and added the kale leaves. Next I added about a tablespoon of regular soy sauce, you could use the low sodium kind, then a short squirt of sriracha sauce and about 1/2 cup of tomato sauce. I grated maybe a tablespoon of fresh ginger into the pot. Salt and black pepper to taste. Added precooked chicken from a medium sized bone-in chicken breast I had previously cooked, then cooked until veggies were done. Sorry I don’t have a photo.

Note  Some of the ingredients are optional, put in it what you like or have on hand. The sriracha sauce is my absolute favorite hot sauce, it’s made from red jalapeno chilies. Walmart is the best place I have found to get it, Kroger is also good. The tomato sauce I used was El Pato brand ( in the yellow can) of Mexican hot style tomato sauce. I really like this stuff too. You can get it at Dollar Tree. It is great for making enchiladas. I use it in a lot of ways.  You could use just a little regular tomato sauce too or just skip it. When we cook we are creating, you are the artist here, so go create something wonderful.

Tomorrow I start a series of four posts about what we really want.

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Are We All in Denial?

Picture this, an ostrich with his head in the sand while an unseen  lion moves in to bite him in the butt.. How is this any different than what we do when we know we have a serious health problem and ignore it. Do we just consciously decide to ignore it or do we just not see the problem. Do we think that if we do not acknowledge the problem; then it can’t hurt us. How much sense does this make.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( the CDC ) says that 63.1% of Americans  are either overweight or obese; 35.7% are obese. It is estimated that by 2030, 44% will be obese. There is no way that those who are obese can escape the long term effects of being so. One of the most common chronic diseases among the obese is type ll  diabetes. Those with diabetes suffer more from heart disease, kidney disease, strokes and even blindness and amputations.If you’re overweight, you increase your chances of developing cancers of the breast, kidneys,esophagus, colon and the endometrium.
Overweight people are at an increased risk for gallbladder disease, sleep apnea,  and gastrointestinal diseases. Depression and anxiety are also more prevalent in those that are obese. Being obese when pregnant carries a higher risk for complications. Also you are  44% more likely to die if you are obese, 13% if you are only overweight.

Although it costs almost $1500 more per year for medical care for those that are obese; which puts an unnecessary strain  on our healthcare system, if it was only those that are overweight that were being hurt, it would be their choice, after all we have free will. I regret to inform you that your lifestyle is hurting others. When we are overweight or obese and our kids or grandkids are overweight, sometimes we don’t even think they are overweight; we think they are normal, then that is a problem. When being overweight becomes the new normal there is a problem. They are most likely overweight because of our example and we are so in denial that we don’t even see it. What would we think if our son or daughter died of complications of obesity while we were still living? That would be bad.

I truly hope that you believe what I am saying, I am just trying to wake some of you up to reality. If we don’t change we will die prematurely, we will have chronic diseases that limit our enjoyment of life and we will leave a legacy  for our kids and grandkids that may put them on the same path. If I can save just one person from that fate; I will feel I have succeeded. I love you people and I hope you find the way to be healthy and happy and can pass it on.

Tomorrow I am going to tell you about this wonderfully healthy soup I made a couple of days back. It tasted better than the bad stuff that can kill you.

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Why Do Some of Us Choose To Be Healthy?

Why do some of us choose to be healthy and why do others seemingly choose the path to disease and pain. Why do smokers continue to smoke and how can they possibly delude themselves in to thinking that it may hurt others but they will be okay? Why when they are told that they are going to die, they still don’t quit; why do they choose  smoking and death over health and life. Do they feel that they deserve what they get because of something they have done or something that was said to them at a very impressionable age? Are they just so weak that they have no control over their habit, they simply can’t quit? These are some of the questions that we will ponder as we search for the answers to how we can better be healthy and happy.

I wasn’t just picking on smokers even though I can not see any justification for someone to start smoking. Back when the harmful effects of smoking hadn’t been proven and even a lot of doctors smoked maybe I could see it. I was just using smoking as an example, you can substitute you choice of poison; whether food, drugs, drink, lack of exercise or whatever.

I ask you to think about what you are doing; there are very few of us that do not do something that we would be better off not doing. Ask yourself why you do this, how do I feel when I am doing this, what do I feel after I do this, do I realize the consequences of continuing this practice, how is this harming others and if I know this is harmful to me, why haven’t I stopped doing it.

Our bodies are just vehicles that allow us to live and function in this physical world, why not maintain it at least as well as you would your car. Neglect maintenance on your car and you shorten it’s life and increase your repair bills, same with your body.

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So Where do we start?

Everyone is different so we all have to find out what works for us. My goal is total health, body, mind, spirit and ultimately lasting happiness. I believe that whatever we want to change about our lives; the most important thing is our health, once we do what is best for ourselves health wise, our bodies will find and maintain out proper weight and that will makes us happier in the long run.

Small steps work if that is all you can take. If you can only walk 10 steps now, do it several times today and then try to do 11 tomorrow and keep increasing it until you are satisfied with your fitness. I remember reading about a lady that could not walk to exercise who started by putting one of those little portable pedal exercise devices on her table and used it with her arms to start. From that small start she got into shape and ended up losing over one hundred pounds in the process.

Where you start is determined by where you are. The more excess weight you carry and the more fragile your health situation the more drastic the change you will need to make. My goal here is to help you have a healthier, happier life whatever your situation. I welcome your comments whether you need help or want to offer tips that worked for you or just to encourage others. Please be positive in your comments even if you disagree with something I may say. I am open and if you have a better way I want to know what it is. Let’s make this a community where we can help each other.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a happy and healthy day.       David

Our Responsibility

Good morning, it is wet and getting wetter here in North Alabama . I am grateful for the beautiful day we had here yesterday and that this rain will be out of here by tonight. The rest of the week is predicted to be nice but a little cooler. I am sure it will be great compared to what is to come over the next few weeks. Oh well, there is spring to look forward to.

We see it everywhere, on TV, in newspapers, magazines, on the Internet and in our daily conversations; how America is going to pot. By this I mean our plunge into obesity. I told you on my about me page about my struggle with my weight; so I am not innocent in that respect. I absolutely believe we all have free will; we can take responsibility for ourselves and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle or we can sit on our butts and eat ourselves to death as many of us are. That said, if you are one of the ones I am talking about, it doesn’t just affect you. It affects your kids, grandkids, friends, and society in general. It affects your kids and grandkids because you are the example they follow, you teach them what to eat and how much. When your friends are overweight, you tend to be overweight, birds of a feather flock together. When you are overweight it makes it more acceptable for those around you to be overweight too. When we are obese society has to accommodate us whether in the case of an airline seat that is too small, or the need for a motorized shopping cart, or the payment for you disability because you can’t work or the huge amount of medical care required because of the multiple chronic diseases your obesity has caused.

If this is not you , be grateful, but we all have friends and family that need our help. I am not judging anyone, I know it is hard, after a while we get discouraged and sometimes just quit trying but there is hope. Anyone can be healthier regardless I how far we have let our heath slide, and yes your choices led you to where you are, but your choices can lead you back.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a happy and healthy day.       David

Hi Folks

Today is the day; the day for my first post on davidlivinghealthy and of course; I am David. I am the one on the right in the photo above. The lady on the left is Sandy and the dog is my dog Boots. It was a beautiful day for a walk that day. You might check out my mission statement and my about me page. In addition, for the next few days I will be talking about me and what I do and why. I am on a journey; as are we all, and if we do nothing, we will get there, but it may not be where we want to be. I believe we each came into this life with a mission and it is our job to determine what that mission is, then do it. Even if we know what that mission is, although some of us never figure it out, then we still have free will as to whether we want to do it or not.

Today has been a beautiful day, a bit too windy for my taste, but hey, we have to have something to get the pecans off the trees so we can have fresh shelled pecans for that Thanksgiving Day pecan pie. Well, it may not be that healthy but what’s once a year going to hurt?

I do like to be healthy so most of my posts will be about my experience in that area. While I believe healthy living can be enjoyable; sometimes a good old comfort food that brings back memories from our youth or just happier times just hits the spot where nothing else will.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a happy and healthy day.        David