Happy Easter To All

To a lot of us today is a very significant religious day, a symbol of Jesus Christ arising from the dead, a symbol of hope. For some of us it is a chance to have Easter egg hunts with our children or grandchildren and an excuse to buy them or us candy. For others it is a time to get together with family and friends to have a meal and in a lot of cases to over eat. Whatever your plans for the day, I wish you a happy one.

If we are having the traditional Easter meal; there are ways to make it a healthier day. Eat more of the healthy stuff and less of the unhealthy stuff. It would be good to eat only the healthy stuff but hey, we only have Easter one time each year. By our choices, we can avoid the regrets later and the stuffed about to pop feeling too.

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Are We Being Overwhelmed?

When I was growing up we never heard of ADHD/ADD  and all these other childhood and developmental disorders that are becoming more and more common today. Doing research for this post; one website I visited listed twenty different disorders. It would stand to reason that if these disorders had been around when I was growing up; even if they didn’t have a name for them, I would remember somebody that had it. Another thing that I do not remember is the autoimmune diseases that we now have.The only autoimmune disorder that I ever heard of growing up was type 1 diabetes and I never actually knew anyone that had it. I did live in the country and maybe I was sheltered from all this but don’t know.

There are so many bad chemicals in our environment that are there forever; we will never be free of them. Then there are the hundreds if not thousands of others that we ingest either willingly or unwittingly. We knowingly eat food that we know has chemical preservatives, chemical flavoring, flavor enhancers and chemical colors; not to mention chemically modified salt, sweeteners and fats in copious quantities. We live in houses where the products used in construction release dangerous chemicals into our living space; a house that has been designed to be super tight to preserve the heated and cooled air we pay good money for. This holds these chemicals in our homes with no place to go but to be breathed by us. The cleaning and personal care products we use adds another layer of chemicals to the mix.

Dr. Sherry A. Rogers,MD, who is one the world’s leading experts in environmental medicine wrote the book titled Detoxify or Die .She says ” Toxins are not normal to the body, they are not meant to be metabolized by the body, and we do not have the metabolic machinery to completely detoxify them “. The body experiences as noxious any substance it doesn’t know how to process into food or eliminate as waste. Over the thousands of years we have been here on planet earth; we have adapted to the foods we normally eat. We, until recently have not been exposed to all these chemicals and toxins that we are currently being exposed to. We have not had time to adapt, evolve if you wish, to this new barrage of threatening substances. If we quit the introduction of new substances; new chemical compounds to our bodies, our bodies might over time adapt to what we have now. the problem is the onslaught of new chemicals and new additives never cease. We are overwhelmed.

What can we do? If we listen, we are being warned every day that we are going down the wrong path. It is up to us to take the warning seriously. We are vulnerable and our babies and our children are super vulnerable and it is up to us to protect them. Though inadequate, the labels on our foods are supposed to be for our benefit but you have to read them and you have to understand what they say  The only alternative is to be more and more unhealthy or to fix our own foods with products we know and trust to be what our bodies need to be healthy. I know what is in the food I eat and if I do eat something that may have something in it that is not optimal for my health, it was my choice and I suffer whatever the consequences may be. At least I know what I am eating, how many of us never give the first thought to what they are eating. They being lead hopelessly down the trail to destruction by the food producers they trust to do what is right for them.

Thousands of parents refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated against dangerous diseases that cold kill them because of fear that the vaccines cause autism. What if that is not the cause at all but it is the chemicals and toxins in their food and in their homes.

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Heavy Metal Detox

Back in the forties, fifties and sixties as I was growing up; it was a simpler time. A lot of the things we consider deadly were in common use, such as DDT, lead, asbestos, mercury and many pesticides and chemicals that are no longer used. Yesterday on The Dr. Oz Show the subject was mercury contamination due to silver dental fillings. They reported that 100 million Americans have this type of filling in their teeth. I have several but to my knowledge they have not harmed me: although I have no idea if my mercury level has ever been tested. It could be that I do have a high level of mercury in my body but I have a high tolerance to it and it has not caused any noticeable symptoms or problems.  Will it in the future; who knows, but it is not something that I will put on my current worry list. If I do start having problems; I will deal with it then. There are ways to remove mercury from our bodies and it just so happens that I currently take a supplement that seems to work for that purpose.

One of my precious readers recently commented that she attributes some of her health problems to mercury contamination from her silver fillings. I just want her and my others readers to know that there is something that can be done. Whether it is mercury or some other heavy metal there is a way to detox. On The Doctor Oz Show they talked about two things we can add to our diet that will help remove mercury from our bodies; garlic and cilantro with the cilantro being the most active. They also mentioned one supplement; chlorella, which I have been taking for a couple of years. I would suggest you go to Dr. Oz’s website and see what they had to say.

The way I understand it; is that the cilantro pulls the mercury out of our tissues, garlic adds support and the chlorella binds with it and moves it out of the body. You can Google mercury detox food and get tons of more details. If you have or suspect you have a problem with mercury contamination; I would recommend you go to your doctor about it. Even though you might be able to remove it on your own, detoxing in general, if not handled correctly can make you sick and more so with heavy metal detoxing. At the very least; your doctor needs to know what you are doing so he can help you if you need it.

Note—I am not a medical professional and please do not attempt a heavy metal detox because of anything I have posted here. You need more information than I can give you. Again if done wrong it can hurt you or worse. Even a simple detox like we read about all the time; if taken too fast, without adequate time for the toxins to be flushed out of the body can be overwhelming to the body. Please read all you can; be as informed as you can be and consult with your doctor before you do anything.

There is a post on Natural News.com  written by Mike Adams that gives a lot more information about heavy metal detoxing. The article is called Cilantro helps detox heavy metals. I recommend this as well for those who may need more information.

If you want to read about the chlorella you can go to and Amazon read the customer reviews and learn a lot. From my experience and from what some of the reviewers said; you need to start off slow and increase the amount you take gradually. I started and still only take 1000 mg but that was enough that I could tell I was taking it, but I had no problem with it.

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I am an Amazon Associate and may get a few cents from them if you use the link to them to buy anything. This helps me to keep this blog going and I appreciate it.


We Are In Control

We are in control of our lives. We are in control of our lives even if we don’t step up and take control. When we abdicate control we are still in control. When we allow things to happen randomly in our lives; we are in control, for we allowed it. That does not mean that things that we don’t want will not come into our lives but we still have control of how we react to those things. We can say; oh s–t I am doomed, why does this s–t always happen to me, it is too hard I am going to just give up. Instead we can say; I didn’t really want that to happen, I wonder how I can fix that or maybe I can find something positive in this that I can use. When something expectantly happens we may actually think we are domed but with some thought and study we can usually find some way to either eliminate the affects of what happened or if not, maybe reduce them to a manageable level. Even if we can’t; life usually goes on.

So how do we exert maximum control in our lives. Before we do that we need to determine what we really want out of life and then decide what we are willing to do to achieve that. It makes no sense to want the moon if you are unwilling to go into space to have it. Why not limit what we want to those things that we are willing to seriously work for. This will eliminate a lot of useless frustration  and stress in our lives. It is perfectly okay to want anything unless it is something we can only obtain by taking it from another or by hurting another. The only requirement is that we be willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain it.   It makes sense to me that we make doubly sure that we want it before we put out the time and effort to get it. Many people spend years working for something and then when they get it find it doesn’t give them the satisfaction they expected it would.

So why should we want to be in control. I don’t know about you but I don’t want someone  telling me where I can live, what I can eat, where I can go, how much money I can make, who I may associate with or anything else that I am capable of doing for my self.. We were born with free will and if we don’t exert that free will we are not fulfilling our purpose here.

If we feel we are not in control we need to look at our lives and see where it has gone wrong. I have read that the people who dislike their jobs the most are the ones who feel they have no control of their own destiny. If we are in a situation where we are unhappy or we feel stuck, we need to stop and consider what we can do to either regain control or to get out of the situation entirely. This could be a job we don’t like or it could be a relationship that is no longer working.

So what is the pay off for being in control? Better health and more happiness. The one helps us to live longer and the other makes us want to. Life is too short to spend it being unhappy.

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Life Is A Surprize

Life is unpredictable; just like the weather, we often don’t get what we want or expect. This morning on Facebook I posted that it was snowing and it looked like a misty rain. The flakes looked like small grains of salt or sugar. Since then there have been some large flakes and also some sun for a few seconds. The news people are saying that the temperature this spring is something like thirty degrees less than this time last year. I guess global warming is taking a break this year. Well really I don’t really believe in global warming as it is traditionally thought of. I agree that we may be in a warming trend and we have no way to know how long that will happen but this certainly is not the first time that has happened. We did have an ice age; imagine how that would have thrown a wrench into our lives if we had been alive then. I think that would be much worse than a rise in the ocean levels. That would put a serious hurt on our ability to grow food to eat. The climate has always changed down through recorded history. Even fifty or a hundred years is just a blink in time, who knows how long the temperature will trend higher before it turns back the other way and it will.

I guess where I am going here is that we as humans have the ability to adapt to different situations and things can get dicey sometimes but we will find a way to survive. We may even find a way to be happy. When we focus on what we have and not what we have lost or do not have and are grateful for it we tend to be happier. On a day like today it would bring a big smile to my face just to have the sun came out and stay. During the winter time especially; after days and days of clouds and rain it makes my heart sing to see the bright sun again. Can we be happy during those cold cloudy days? Sure we can but sometimes we need a kick start and a bright sunny day is the lift that we sometimes need. We should try to be happy always but even though the weather and life is unpredictable we can and will adapt.

We often hear people who are overweight or unhealthy say that they just don’t like vegetables or other healthier foods; so they don’t eat them. I have a pretty good idea that if because of the weather or for some other reason it became impossible for them to get the foods they eat and like, if there were vegetables available they would be eating them. We adapt. So if we would eat these foods if we had to survive; why not eat them to be healthy or to maintain a healthier weight. We know deep down in our being that we should; we are making a conscious choice not to.

So why wait until we are forced to adapt; we know what we need to do. Rising oceans would force those who have built houses on the beach where they are damaged or destroyed every few years to adapt. Those houses should never have been built there in the first place unless the owner is fully capable of sustaining the loss of it. The idea that someone else or the government should cover their losses is absurd. The same if you intentionally create a health condition that requires expensive treatment, unless you can cover the cost yourself; it is just as absurd to expect someone else or the government to pay it. It is our responsibility to be responsible.

Life is unpredictable enough when we do our part but even more so when we let things happen by chance. We have adapted to make life easier and more comfortable when the weather changes; I know we can adapt to the onslaught of unhealthy processed packaged foods loaded with fat, sugar, salt and empty calories that we see advertised everyday.

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Is Everything In Your Life As You Would have It?

I would guess that there is a very small percentage of us who would answer yes to that question. Obviously there are some of us that would though; to those who do, I hope you feel blessed and I hope you are grateful every day, for you are truly blessed. You are probably among the one per centers; maybe not as most people classify them, you may have little money, but you clearly understand what makes you truly happy. Whether you feel this way because you are truly blessed in all areas of your life or that you are just sincerely grateful for what little you do have, you have found what makes you happy. I can not say yes; for there are things currently that are out of my control but I am working to move what I can change into the yes column.

It matters not where we are; to change anything in our lives that are not to our liking, we must start right here where we are. Some of us have health problems, weight problems, relationship problems, money problems or you name it. I can almost guarantee that the problem did not occur overnight and the solution will not come instantly either. left alone these problems can become where they seem overwhelming. They are not, these situations  became problems gradually and in most cases we can gradually work to change them. In some cases we may have an emergency on our hands but where we don’t; we can make a course change and gradually steer our life in the direction we want to go. Most if not all problems come from bad or unproductive habits; what we need to do is change these habits by replacing bad or unproductive habits with good or productive ones. It matters not how many bad habits we have have; it will just take us a little longer to get where we want to go. When we replace a bad habit with a good habit and maintain that new habit for at least three weeks that habit becomes our dominant habit.

We may think that we have gotten ourselves in so deep that there is no way out but there is, there always is a way. If we have let our relationship go, we can sit down with the other person and tell them that we have neglected them or mistreated them and that we are sorry and that we want to rectify the damage we have done. Ask them what we need to do to do this; then do it. Maybe you are a hundred pounds overweight and we feel like s–t and we have all of these health problems resulting from all the weight and we hate that we have let ourselves get into this shape. We feel about two inches tall; we have trouble facing ourselves and certainly don’t want to be reminded by anyone else what we have done and are doing. We are so discouraged that we don’t even want to think about getting healthy; at this stage of the game, that just doesn’t seem possible. What do we do?

Determine what changes we want and pick a first step and get moving.  We got here in stages, over time and we can recover the same way. We just have to replace the habits that got us here with habits that will take us out of here to where we want to be. One slow steady step at a time. once we see that what we are doing is working; we can confidently pick up our speed an move forward.

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Can We Trust Our Government?

We all know what has been going on in Washington lately and I am certainly not going to get into politics in this blog; although I do have some firm opinions about our illustrious representatives there. It is clear by the actions of both parties that they are either incredibly incompetent or they just don”t give a crap about anything but their own self interests. What I want to comment about is not the lack of leadership currently in Washington but the fact that I don’t think they have our best interests at heart. I am talking about the government policies in general.

I have talked about the book The China Study before and it is certainly one of the books that I think that anyone concerned about their health should read.  Chapter 16 is titled Government: Is It For The People? In this chapter the author T. Colin Campbell, PhD talks about the food recommendations our government published in 2002. The government recommendation is for 45% to 65& of our calories to come from carbohydrates, 20% to 35% from fat and 10% to 35% from protein. If that was not bad enough the recommendation is that no more than 25% of our calories should come from added sugar. That is pure refined, non nutrient containing sugar; in other words, empty calories. Dr. Campbell shows a sample diet for a day the would meet what the government thinks we should eat. Breakfast contains 1 cup of Fruit Loops, I cup of skim milk and one package of M&M’s and a vitamin supplement. Lunch is a grilled cheddar cheeseburger and dinner is 3 slices of pepperoni pizza, one 16 oz  soda and one serving of Archway sugar cookies.

Two thirds of us are already overweight; any wonder why. If our school systems go by this guideline; any wonder our kids and grandkids are overweight and some are suffering from type 2 diabetes before they are out of their teens. What is our government thinking; are they trying to kill us off so they don’t have to pay us our Social Security? That might work except for the fact that we now have Obama Care and our government is wanting to make sure that all of us fat and chronically unhealthy citizens can have insurance which we the taxpayers will ultimately pay for. It seems to me that if we were healthy it would be much less expensive in the long run; even if we lived to be one hundred. If we were healthy we could continue to be productive citizens for much longer; put off retirement and pay in more to our retirement system, making it more solvent

What do you think? Give me some feedback..

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Is There a Purpose for Everything?

Do you believe that things that happen; do so for a purpose, even things that in and of themselves are horrible things to have happen? What about when someone is killed by a drunk driver or is killed in a mass shooting rampage or maybe even a child is abducted and killed? I can’t say that I have the answers but I have some thoughts about the subject.

On July 27, 1981 Adam Walsh was abducted from a Sears store while his mother shopped. He is assumed to have been murdered; although his body was never found; one person did confess that he had killed him. Because of what happened to Adam;  John Walsh, his father started the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 1984. In 1988 he started hosting the show America’s Most Wanted on TV and helped law enforcement catch hundreds of people wanted for serious crimes. On July 27, 2006, 25 years after Adam went missing, President George W. Bush signed into law the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act which created a national database of convicted child sex offenders.  It also increased the federal penalties for crimes against children and provided funding and training for law enforcement to fight crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children via the internet. On May 3, 1980  Cari Lightner was killed by a drunk driver. On  September 5, 1980 her Mother Candy Lightner started MADD ; Mothers Against Drunk Driving. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cases of people who were motivated by a horrible circumstance to do something that has benefited us all.

What if this horrible thing had not happened, would society have gone wanting for all the good these people did? You might say that these people were capable of doing this without the tragedy; and you are right but I believe that even if they had seen the need, the motivation would have been lacking. We have to be tempered by adversity to discover our strength. Will everyone who is struck by tragedy go on to do good? Of course not, some become bitter, mean, angry and lash out at the world, they blame God and everyone else for what happened. We can’t always control the circumstances but we can control our responses to them; some responses are just better than others.

You may agree or disagree with what I have written but I would like your thoughts; so please comment if you have anything to add to the conversation.

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Do What Works For You

Those who know me already know that I believe that no single approach will work for all people, in all circumstances. Whether our purpose is to lose weight, be healthy, be happy; or make a lot of money; we have to figure out what works for us. There are many ways to do that; one is to try different approaches until we find the one that works but the problem with that is we may not have the time to work through all the possibilities. The best approach in my opinion is to find someone who has solved the problem for themselves and try what worked for them. That may not be the right one for you but you have eliminated one possibility that you know works; then you can try another proven technique and so on, until you find the one that works for you. You may find that it is not a single technique but a combination of the proven ones you have tried that ultimately work for you.

So how do we find out what worked for others? Read books, listen to their personal stories on radio and TV, do searches on the internet, ask friends and people you talk to every day. When you see a friend, co-worker of relative has solved a problem you want to solve; ask them how they did it, they will probably be more than willing to help you. If you do, don’t feel that you have to do it exactly like they did it; use whatever works for you.

There is a blog called Kristen’s Raw and I have been reading her latest post. Kristen is a former competitive bodybuilder and she has been studying nutrition, fitness and food preparation for the last fifteen years. She has also been a hardcore, ethical vegan for almost a decade ( her words ). Her latest post  My Vegan Diet Caused Health Problems. Would Primal, Paleo, Or “Real Food” Be Better? tells how she; over time came to realize that vegan-ism was no longer working for her. Her blog is strictly about eating vegan and she has written twelve raw vegan and lifestyle books. It must have been hard for her to admit to herself, and it did take awhile, that she may have been wrong. What she advocated my be fine for others if they chose to go that way but for her at this point in her life and that of her family, it is not. I recommend you read this in her own words and you may realize that there are many paths in this life and we each have to find the one that leads us to where we want to be.

If we want to be healthy and we are willing to work at it; we have to find out what works for us. It probably will not be easy and it will take some trial and error to find out what that is but we can do it. What matters most is that no matter how discouraged we may get, we can never give up, we have to keep believing there is a way. We have all heard about people who had tried for years to lose weight and to get healthy and nothing seemed to work; then they tried something else and it was like a miracle, it worked.

I hope you all find the solution you need in your lives. A failure is one who just gave up right before they reached success.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

Could This One Disease Cripple Our Healthcare System?

If you have been reading my post you may think I have it in for those with diabetes> That Is not true but diabetes is increasing at an epidemic rate and it is probably the easiest of the chronic diseases to turn around. As I said yesterday; it has been proven that in most cases, type 2 diabetes can be reversed by the use of diet and exercise. What is so great about this is that when we reverse our diabetes; we can improve or reverse most of our other chronic health conditions at the same time. When we switch to a healthy lifestyle; we improve our whole life, not just one area of it. That is good; most people who have one chronic condition usually also have other health problems as well. Those with diabetes can also suffer from a host of complications such as………………………………….

  • Heart Disease – People with diabetes have a higher risk for heart attack and stroke.
  • Eye Complications – People with diabetes have a higher risk of blindness and other vision problems.
  • Kidney Disease – Diabetes can damage the kidneys and may lead to kidney failure.
  • Nerve Damage (neuropathy) – Diabetes can cause damage to the nerves that run through the body.
  • Foot Problems – Nerve damage, infections of the feet, and problems with blood flow to the feet can be caused by diabetes.
  • Skin Complications – Diabetes can cause skin problems, such as infections, sores, and itching. Skin problems are sometimes a first sign that someone has diabetes.
  • Dental Disease – Diabetes can lead to problems with teeth and gums, called gingivitis and periodontitis.                                                                                        This information provided by the New York State Department of Health.

There is good news and there is bad news. Starting in 2014 Obama Care will force insurance companies to insure those with diabetes and they will be prohibited from charging them more because because of their poor health. This is certainly good news for those with diabetes but not for those who aren’t and for the country as a whole; it is bad news. I want to give you a link  to The Rising Price Of Diabetes so we can see how rapidly the cost of treating those with diabetes has increased in just a few years so you can see for yourself that this is not sustainable. When all diabetic are covered by health insurance and the rate of diabetes continues to rise at the rate it has been rising in the last ten years everyone’s insurance costs will double, triple or worse in a very short time. This will bankrupt this country.

The only solution as I see it; is for everyone to take responsibility for their own health and live a healthy lifestyle. As the healthcare system collapses from being required to treat all those who will not take responsibility; the only thing we who are responsible can do is be as healthy as we can possibly be so we don’t have to rely on the overwhelmed system to survive. What happens twenty years from now when we have too few doctors and too little money to pay the ones remaining enough to cover their expenses. This is actually happening now with Medicare and Medicaid.

I know for some of you I am preaching to the choir but for others of you it is my hope that I can make a small difference in the way you think about health and healthcare.  We are in this together; we don’t live in a vacuum, what I do and what you do affects us all. The information we need to be healthy is available for those who want it, I just pray we use it before it is too late.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson