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Yesterday morning the sun came out so beautifully but there was a biting wind. Did I curse the wind? No, I was too busy being grateful for the sun. A much too short a time later; the sun was gone, the clouds had claimed the day. Was I sad? I did regret that the sun was gone but because it was entirely beyond my control; I accepted it as it was.

Do any of you have problems from foods with added MSG? If so you might want to go read this here. I can not say whether this is all true or not but I do feel that there is enough good information there to be beneficial to anyone who doesn’t desire to eat food with this additive. Certainly if it is a known health risk to you, please check it out.

Also here is something that you might want to bring to the attention of your elected officials. It is an article that tells of several food additives that are banned in other countries but are allowed here by our own government. Here is the link.

We have all been told about the health consequences of eating a lot of fried foods. There is the fact that fried food absorbs a lot of oil and too much fat in our diets can and for most of us will make us fat. I personally believe that the major health factor is probably the kind of fat being used and maybe where you get the food. We as a society have become a society that prefers to eat out; whether at a fast-food place or a more formal restaurant. The frying method is basically the same wherever you go. We usually have no way of knowing what kind of cooking fat they use; even if they tell us, we just have to trust them. Even when they advertise that they use no trans-fat, we may have no clue as to what kind of oil they actually use. There is considerable differences in the properties of the different oils that are available. Even if they do use the more healthy oil, how many times do they use it before they change it. A worn out healthy oil could actually be worse for our health than a fresh one with trans-fat. The key here in both cases is how much is it costing them, how it affects their bottom line. There is no law that tells them when to change their fryer fat.

I just read something that can give all of us who like fried foods hope though. An eleven year study of 41,000 people in Spain, varying in age from 29 to 69 has found that when using olive oil or sunflower oil to fry foods; it did not point to an increase in heart disease or to premature death. This was true of even those who ate fried food the most, in the study. We have to be aware though that in Spain both people at home and also restaurants use mostly olive oil and sunflower oils for cooking; which is not true here.

What I conclude here is that at least in a home setting where you can control the quality of the oil you use; frying may only add fat calories but otherwise not be a health hazard. The control we have when we prepare our own food is the major factor in our eating healthy, in my opinion.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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