Healthcare; What is Our Responsibility?

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Healthcare is and has always been our own individual responsibility.  Unless we are children or some others who clearly are not capable of taking care of ourselves; then our own healthcare is and has always been our responsibility.  Before health insurance; if we needed the services of a doctor we found a way to pay for that service just as we would if we needed our car repaired.  Insurance leads people to start thinking that they are not paying for their medical care but instead someone else is and that someone owes us anything we need.  In a way it is like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and pigging out and wasting food because we feel we have paid for it and it is our right.  When we have good, all inclusive insurance, we are tempted to run to the doctor or worse, go to the emergency room when all we need to do is maybe take a cheap over-the-counter med and go on our way.  The doctor’s visit or emergency room visit cost us very little and of course we feel entitled to it, so we go.

Healthcare has gotten expensive mainly because of the involvement of the government and the insurance companies.  They have made it big business.   What if we started buying insurance to cover all our car repairs and the government said that anyone that could not afford to repair their own car, it would?  The same thing would happen to car repair prices as has happened to medical care prices.  The reason that Obama Care is being forced on us is that people haven’t been responsible.  Many who claimed they couldn’t afford health insurance simply wanted to spend the money on something else rather than be responsible.  Whether it was the wide screen TV, a nicer car, pizza whenever they wanted it, or a thousand other things, what it was doesn’t matter but that it happened, does.  I can’t say I like having to pay my bills either but except for 2 or 3 short periods in my life I had health insurance.  One time it was partially paid for by my employer but for most of this time it was me writing a check for it after making a conscious decision to buy it.  I remember a couple of years ago seeing something on the evening news about people who didn’t have health insurance or couldn’t afford it, I don’t remember which.  One of the people they talked to worked for a well know government agency that I was very familiar with and the man said he just couldn’t afford it.  I knew what he was making and I knew about how much he would have had to pay, not a lot.  He had a much bigger TV than I did and lived in a much nicer house.  He couldn’t be bothered to take responsibility for his own healthcare; he wanted to buy other things.

Healthcare responsibility comes in other ways as well.  In my next post I will talk about how we can lessen our dependance on a system that is likely to become more and more compromised over time.   Now is the time to think about how we can best manage with the coming changes in our healthcare system.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


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