Healthy Living; Our Responsibility or Not ?

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Healthy living; do we take responsibility or do we let that responsibility fall to others?   I have news for you; no one else cares enough to make it happen.   No one else has the same incentive as we do, we would hope that we want to live.   Looking at our fellow citizens it is plain to me that a large percentage of us either do not want to live or that we are expecting some third party to rescue us before our excesses kill us.   With 60% of Americans overweight and 35% obese; very few of us seem to be taking responsibility for our health.   Apparently New York City’s mayor Bloomberg wants us to live and be healthy but how many others can you think of that put their money where there mouth is.   In my previous posts I talked about the doctor shortage, the higher costs of insurance and the millions more people the healthcare system must be able to accommodate in the future with Obama Care.   This to illustrate the fact that as healthcare availability decreases, we are getting increasingly less healthy.   With each pound we gain; we multiply the chronic conditions we suffer from. Healthy living is just not something most of us are acquainted with.

Healthy living is the only way I see that we can have a long life with the health required to enjoy it and be a productive citizen.   The medical profession at it’s best as it relates to the chronic conditions caused by lack of exercise, poor food choices and excess food intake can only offer a band-aid approach.   They do not cure these conditions, they just manage the symptoms so we can keep doing the same unhealthy things for a little longer, either to the point of limited quality of life or death itself.

Healthy living is not easy, there is so much misinformation out there that sometimes when we think we are doing the right thing, we are not.   Healthy living is like a long journey, there are wrong turns and detours, we have to keep correcting to keep on the right tract.   Healthy living will keep us healthy and will lessen our need for remedial health care.   When that happens we will be less dependent on a system that may be less and less able to provide care to all those needing it.

In the next post in this series posts, I will give you some healthy living tips that might help you get started on your journey to being healthier.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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