How Important is Exercise to Living Healthy?

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How important is exercise to living healthy really?  We hear almost constantly about the importance of exercise but do we believe it, do we do it?  Do we know what kind, how often and how hard we need to push ourselves to get the maximum benefits from the exercise we do?  Just recently there was a post on Facebook that said that our bodies are the only machine that breaks down when we don’t use it.  I believe it.  A couple of years ago during the worst of winter, I  had been more or less housebound for a couple of weeks due to the cold and the rain and I got to feeling pretty crummy, even depressed some.   When I finally realized how bad I was getting to feel, I also realized that I needed to do something about it, like right now.   It is at least a quarter mile to my mail box and I usually walk to see if I am blessed with any bills, not that I really want them but that is life I guess.  When the weather was at it’s worse I guess I had skipped checking as often so I resolved to go every day and to do it at a brisk pace.  That was a godsend, I immediately felt much better, the vigorous exercise and the cold wind hitting me in the face coming back was invigorating to say the least.  I learned a good lesson from that experience and will not let that happen again.

If you will notice the photo at the top of the page; that is me with my exercise partner starting one of our walks with my dog Boots.  We usually never go more than two or three miles but we get a great benefit from it, whatever the distance.  It just makes Boots’ day too, she is just beside herself with joy.

Starting to exercise is not hard; we start where we are.  We start with the ability we have and don’t worry that we can’t do what some others can.  If we have chronic health problems or are obese we may have problems at first and will be limited in what we can do but we can do something.   Even those that are bedridden, if they can move at all, can start to exercise and can make a difference in how they feel.  Any movement is a start.  If 10 feet is as far as we can walk, then 10 feet it is but we do it as many times a day as we are able.   Before long we will be doing 15 feet, then 20, then 30, then out to the street and then down the block.  There is a saying that says that mile by mile it is a trial, yard by yard it is hard, but inch by inch it is a cinch.   If we start small enough we can do almost anything.  Remember the “how do you eat an elephant” joke?  One bite at a time. That is how we start exercising, one step at a time, we actually start moving, we get off of our behind and start moving it.  I want to encourage anyone who thinks they can’t do it, to try and to stay with it long enough to see results.  It won’t take long.  To get where you want to be will take awhile but you didn’t get where you are now overnight either.

Last winter I wanted to be able to exercise and not have to go out in the cold so I purchased a recumbent exercise bike so I could get some exercise in the comfort of my den.  I didn’t want to spend any more than was necessary so I went to Amazon, my favorite shopping place and read the reviews until I was sure which one I wanted.  I picked the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle.   For what I wanted it for, it fills the bill nicely.  For someone who is out of shape the easiest setting should be no problem and you can increase the resistance as you build up to it.  It seems the perfect solution for that rainy or cold day or for just multitasking while you watch TV.   I wouldn’t say this would be what you would want if you are already in great shape and just want to maintain it during bad weather but then you are not the one I am talking to here either.  If this sounds like what you need to get started exercising you can get it from my Amazon partner here.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson



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