Healthy Diet; How It May Help Acid Reflux

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DSCN0029Eliminating acid reflux from your life is like a beautiful spring day after several days of rain. Today’s weather was a welcome change after the last rainy period we just had here. It was so good to see the sun.  As the sun can brighten our spirits after the rain, a healthy diet can help to eliminate the suffering from acid reflux.

Recently I was talking to someone I care very deeply about and she was saying how badly she was suffering from Acid Reflux, her partner also has the same problem.  She has tried or is currently taking all the miracle drugs that are supposed to take care of this problem, nothing is working. She ask me if there was a natural remedy that might help.  I told her that I had read of things that had worked for others but couldn’t remember what they were. I then spent about half the day reading up on the subject and I am going to lay out what I found, There were many sources and I am not going to name or quote them but the information is out there for anyone to find.  My conclusion will be comparing the effects of the SAD diet ( standard American diet ) and a healthy diet on the incidents of Acid Reflux. The results are solely my opinion based on the information I have gathered.

In my younger years I to suffered from Acid Reflux, and yes I do mean suffer.  You don’t wake up from a sound sleep with stomach acid coming up into your throat and mouth and not suffer.  That is not to mention the fear it causes the first few times it happens.  Over the years I have learned to control it to the point that it is no longer a problem.  I have taken most , if not all of the current over the counter drugs for the purpose, plus a lot of anti-acids.  I now only take a anti-acid occasionally when I eat or drink something that gives me an acid stomach.   Learning what foods cause me a problem, what time of day  is better for me to eat certain things and learning to follow a healthy diet have all helped me.  Developing a healthy diet over the years has also been a big help.

In my experience the number one problem is eating too much, especially at the wrong time.  When we eat too much and go to bed or simply lie down it makes it easy for the food and the accompanying acid to be pushed back into the esophagus and up into the throat and mouth.  In my experience it is best to eat a large meal two to three hours before planned bed time and even earlier if eating particularly troublesome foods.  The second problem is determining what time of day you can best eat foods that you like that could cause you a problem.  There are foods that I can safely eat during the day that would cause me problems if eaten in the evening. Also there are foods that when eaten in moderate amounts cause me no problem but do when eaten in excess.  In my next post I will give you a list of foods that commonly cause trouble, some may cause us trouble, some may not.  Our job is to determine which of these cause us problems personally but you probably can think about it and will already be aware of at least some of them.  You may even have a problem with something that is not on the list, we are all different and our bodies reach differently to different foods than maybe someone else would.  Eating a healthy diet and controlling how much we eat at each meal can go a long way to help us deal with Acid Reflux.

Living healthy is knowing our bodies and how they react to the food we eat.  How we feel after we eat tells us if the food is good for us.  If we eat too much of something that normally makes us feel good, we may not feel good. If we have heartburn, if we are bloated, gassy, feeling sluggish our body is telling us something: we need to listen or there will be health consequences.  A healthy diet is a diet that works for us, that supplies our particular body’s needs.

In my next post I will give you more of what I have learned about Acid Reflux and how a healthy diet can help you eliminate it or if not, live with it.  Don’t despair, there is hope.  There is a book on Amazon called  Dropping Acid : The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure that you might benefit from.  Even if it doesn’t cure you; it should help.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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