Another Reason to Lose Fat

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As if we didn’t already know enough about the dangers of fat; I am going to give you another one.  I guarantee that this is something you probably have never heard about but it could be one of the more important reasons.  It has already been proven that people who are overweight; in addition to the normal effects such heart disease and diabetes, fat also increases our chances of getting cancer.  Personally I am not absolutely sure how this works other than that there is a general deterioration in our quality of health when we are carrying too much fat.  Being overweight just does not seem to promote good health in general.

What I am talking about today is how our bodies handle toxins. These can be anything from the normal by products of our cell functions, toxins we get from our foods either from remnants of pesticides or other chemicals used in the growing process or things in the foods our bodies can not process.  Add to that all the additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors that are added to most processed foods and you have a real chemical cocktail in our bodies.  If our bodies can; they process these toxins and flush them out of our bodies either through our kidneys or colon. When our bodies are not able to remove them, they store them in areas of our bodies where they will cause less harm and prevent them from entering our cells and causing damage to them.

I have been reading about how to use food in our fight with cancer; either to prevent it or to get rid of it and prevent it from returning. Devra Lee Davis of the University of Pittsburgh refers to excess fat as the ” toxic waste site ” of the human body.  According to her, any form of physical activity capable of reducing fat, taking with it its stockpile of contaminants, is a prime method for ” detoxing ” the body.  Dr. Bouillet the medical director of the Institute of Radiotherapy at the Avicenne Medical Center of the University of Paris says adipose tissue (fat) is the principle storage site for carcinogenic toxins in humans.  This information I obtained from the book  Anti Cancer;  A New Way of Life  by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD.  He is himself a cancer survivor.

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