Are We Happy Yet?

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We are five days out and counting; anticipating it or dreading it, before long Christmas will be history. Some of us are looking forward with gladness and excitement; looking forward to spending time with family and friends, giving gifts, receiving gifts, eating good food, maybe good drinks as well and all the joy to be had. Getting out to help others less fortunate; spreading the holiday cheer and trying to ensure that we all have the best experience possible this season.

Others can only wait for it to be over. Are you normally a happy person but there is  something about this time of year that you just can’t get right? You may be unemployed and feel that the ones you love will not have the kind of Christmas you would like to provide them. Regardless of how caring, loving and generous you are; putting yourself through hell and the stress involved helps no one, neither you or the people you feel you are letting down. If you are broke; your kids and other family members already know it or should  and are not expecting a windfall of goodies this year. They had much rather spend time with someone who is grateful for what they have; who can see the season for what it is, an opportunity  to spend time with loved ones and enjoy what blessing we do have.

Are there memories from your past that hinder your enjoyment of the Christmas season? The past does not determine the present, nor the future. What happened then happened; but it can not hurt us now unless we let it, the past is history, we can and should learn whatever lessons we can from it’ so we don’t repeat it but other than that it is gone forever. The only thing that can determine your happiness now is your actions now. So if the actions of the past left you lacking; then do something else. If someone in the past ruined your comprehension of Christmas, get past it or remove this person from your present experience. You are the one who determines your happiness; by your thinking, your beliefs and your actions.

Here is wishing you and yours the happiest, most blessed Christmas ever. Relax and enjoy the season, a week from now what you were worrying about won’t matter anyway.

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