Can’t Let Go

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Hopefully the frost here last night was the last frost for this season.  I know this happens every year but it seems like winter just has a hard time letting go.  I actually saw some frost on the edge of the mulch I put around my newly set blueberry bushes.  I will admit that there wasn’t much; nor would I have even expected that much at 40 degrees.   It could have warmed up some before I arose though; my feet didn’t hit the floor until about 7:15.  I have several tomatoes and some peppers out but I had them covered with some nursery pots, no apparent damage, nor did I expect any.

We like old man winter ( or is it old lady winter ) are prone to hold onto things when we would be better served to just let them go. How many times have we held onto past hurts, slights, bruised feelings, or emotions  that hold us back from enjoying the present. When we don’t just forgive and forget about it; who are we hurting? Certainly not the one who hurt us.  They have already forgot about it, or they may not even know that what they said or did hurt you.

When I say forgive and forget about it; I mean forgive yourself, them or both, and let it go.  If it is bothering you; it is in the past and you are in the present, you can’t go back and change it, nor can you change it from here.  Today, the present is the only time you can control and you are the only person you have any hope of changing and that is sometimes hard to do.

Nine times out of ten the person who hurt you did not intend to; nor even in a lot of cases even realize that they did.  They said something and you heard something entirely different; what they meant was not what you thought they meant. The next time someone does or says something that hurts your feelings; if they are important to you and you want them in your life, ask them if that was what they meant.  I will bet that you will be surprised in how many times you misread their intentions.  By simply clarifying, you prevent the misunderstanding before it happens.

Now go out there and be happy.  Have great relationships, be kind and loving to all.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


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