Change For Good or Change For Change

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The above is an early morning shot of what I see looking out of my kitchen window.

I feel very close to my roots; not to say that I haven’t changed or that there will not be further change but why do we change.  Is it because we dislike the way things are and we think an about face will make it better.  There is an old saying that says do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Well you may think that is stupid but how often do we abandon the tried and true methods for doing something and then jump on a new idea that is  in vogue but totally unproven.  Those of you; like me, who have been around for awhile can probably remember Dr Spock’s book about child rearing called Baby and Child Care  . It was published in 1946 the year of my birth.  Although I doubt that it had any affect on my upbringing it did for millions of others. For the first 52 years after it was published it was the second best selling book, next to the Bible.

Dr.Spock had studied psychoanalysis in his search to determine a child’s needs and the relationship with their parents and he was the first pediatrician to do so. How did someone relatively inexperienced in child care and rearing children amass the millions of followers that he did?  He changed the landscape of rearing children; some say for the worse, and it was based not from years of experience but something he put together in his head.  Some ideas for change may be like Dr. Spock’s and change the world but not necessarily for the good.  We have to be careful about jumping on any bandwagon of change even if we are unhappy where we are. The change is sometimes not a change for the better; it is just different. The old saying look before you leap, I think is good advice. 

This article was prompted by something I read called  What You Can Do by Joel Salatin on the Wanderlust Journal.  It shows how a simple change in thinking can lead to great changes and sometimes unintended consequences down the road.  I suggest you read it.

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3 thoughts on “Change For Good or Change For Change

  1. I think it is our nature to try new things and to constantly strive to improve. That is the nature of progress. Only time will tell the true results of Dr. Spock’s work. I tend to think he had good intentions and some of his ideas might have been good or at the least not negative. You are right though, he had a tremendous influence on child rearing. It is smart to look before you leap in most cases but sometimes we must take a chance to see what progress can be made unless you are not so fond of progress. What happens when society sees it is going in a bad direction? It is hard to back-peddle the whole human race. That is a case for caution in some things.

    • Thanks Sandy. I think you are right but once we as humans move in a new direction; we seldom go back even if the results we get is less than optimal. It is almost like we have a transmission that has had the reverse gear omitted. Maybe that is by design; maybe we are not meant to revisit where we have been but to keep foraging ahead always in a quest to expand and learn new things. When something doesn’t totally work out we are expected to improvise and make the best of it until we figure out something better.

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