Do You Eat Organic? Should You?

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Eating organic food is something you hear and read about a lot these days as it becomes more popular every day. I know that it would be healthier to eat all organic; more I think, for the fact that you are not exposed as much to pesticides and other chemicals. Some people believe that organically grown foods are also more nutritious; have more vitamins and minerals than those grown in the conventional way. This may be true to some extent but I still say that the greatest benefit come from not having to deal with the chemicals used in growing conventional foods.

When we ingest these chemicals into our systems; our bodies try to filter out these substances and remove them before they can cause us harm. This is primarily done by our livers which is our filter system, our car has an oil filter, we have our liver. This process works very well but our livers can sometimes be overwhelmed and either allow these chemicals to build up in our bodies or the liver itself may be damaged and weakened.Luckily for us; there are ways we can protect our liver and also protect our bodies from absorbing these chemicals as they go through our digestive tract.

For our liver; we may eat foods and/or take supplements that support the health of the liver and that also cleanses it. I wrote a little about that a few days ago; you might want to go back and read or reread that post. Good digestive health protects us in two ways; one, the less time it takes for our food to go through our system without us having diarrhea the better, the more time it takes, the more toxins we will extract from it. Second, the more healthy our digestive tract is; the healthier the lining of our intestines will be and the less likely the toxins in our foods will be absorbed into our systems.

Do I eat organic? Yes and no. I do not buy organic but I have a large garden and grow a lot of my own food; which for the most part, is organic. I believe that a healthy body can resist the affect of a reasonable amount of toxins and flush them out of our bodies. There is also the higher cost of organic; in some cases, much higher. If we protect our liver and keep it health; I think that it will probably do it’s job and protect us.

So what can we do? Be aware and use our best judgement. Produce can be high on the list for pesticides for two reasons; either because more is used or because of the physical characteristics of the plant. You can go to for a list of the ones you might want to eat organic and also for the ones that are less likely to contain excess amounts of pesticides.

There are other ways we can be adversely affected by the chemicals in our environment; I hope to write about that at a later time.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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