Everything Has a Purpose

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Right now in the beginning of spring I am so impatient sometimes to get things in may garden and to get them growing.  There is a problem it seems, every time the dirt gets about dry enough to plant it rains again or it turns cold again or both.  In my heart of hearts I know that it is this way for a reason; whether I can decipher the reason or not.  We humans though, think that we are in charge or at least that we should be; for after all we are the center of the universe, aren’t we not?  How many times do we have plans for our day off and the weather changes; like going to the beach and then it rains or worse turns cold.  Most of us really have little tolerance for things that do not go our way.  We all know that we are not really the center of the universe and that we are not owed a life free of interruptions but when it happens we still get upset.

Like my early example; when you plant a garden too early it may be killed by a late frost or at the very least it will not grow properly until the temperature reaches a certain point.  If it doesn’t rain regularly then later in the season there may not be enough moisture to keep your plants alive.  Even though we want to control things; they happen for a reason, and are governed by natural laws.  Even if we were to some how be able to override these laws and have our way; it would come back an bite us in the rear.  Just because you want it to; you can not make a ball fall upward, gravity works the absolute same way absolutely every time.

We already know that things are not going to go the way we want them to every time; so why not just accept it and be okay with it.  The day you wanted to go to the beach may instead be a trip to the library and you meet your soul mate.  The day you were to go to the outdoor concert; you call a friend and meet then for coffee and find out they know someone who is needing to hire someone with your exact skills.

So lighten up and be grateful for the life you have and look for ways to use  the surprises of life to find new and better opportunities.  Just because it didn’t go our way doesn’t mean it is not good for us.  We don’t always know what is best for us.  That person you were head over heels in love with when you were seventeen might have made your life a living hell or maybe they did.  Some loses are for the good; it is just hard to see it at the time.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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