Fermentation and Lacto-fermentation Benefits

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The more I delve into healthy eating the more interesting things I run into. One of these is lacto-fermentation. Although I did make a batch of sauerkraut last summer when I had plenty of cabbage I am really new to making it and also to eating it. There is still some of it in my refrigerator and recently I have been eating it more. I do have a large vegetable garden and at times have more of certain things than I can eat at the time, lacto-fermenting makes it relatively easy to save the excess for later use. This is not just limited to cabbage either but to many other vegetables as well. The fermentation process also alters the food, making it easier to digest, releasing enzymes, vitamins and making it more flavorful. Fermented foods are alive with beneficial bacteria and microbes that live in our guts when we are in top health. This intestinal flora forms a large part of our immune system and thus is a large determinant of our health. By partially breaking down or predigesting the food through the fermentation process; our bodies are more able to absorb the nutrients in the food. The more beneficial nutrients we absorb the healthier our bodies become. This is especially important as we get older as our bodies become less able to do this. Some of the elderly are under nourished even if they eat a healthy diet and these days it becomes harder and harder to eat healthy unless you cook all your own food from  raw ingredients. What portion of us, of any age, actually do that now. The process is inexpensive so almost anyone who wants to can reap the benefits of fermented foods.

I would like to give you a link to some more information about fermentation and some easy recipes of things you can make from Paleo Diet Lifestyle. This is a good starting point but if you are interested in this subject; there is more information about this on the internet than you will ever need. It is not rocket science. You can experiment to find what you like best and to find the exact process that gives you the results you want. It is like making craft beer; they are all different but at the same time, use the same basic process. It is just like adapting the seasonings in a recipe to your own tastes. Just have fun with this and be healthy.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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