Happiness: Out Of Reach For Some Of Us?

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A perfectly beautiful spring day viewed from my front yard.

A perfectly beautiful spring day viewed from my front yard.

How many people could look at this beautiful spring day depicted in the above photo that I took earlier today and not just be overcome by happiness?  I actually know people that would find something wrong with it and I am sure you do too.  Some people can look at a young puppy or kitten or even a little baby and not be overcome by joy and happiness and be in awe of the miracle of it.

Happiness; what do we need to reach that state.  Is happiness beyond the reach of some of us?  What might keep us from being in a state of happiness?  Does being positive lead to happiness or does being negative prevent us from being there?  What other factors might lead to happiness or prevent us from having it? All good questions and I hope to answer at least some of them.

This morning I was on Twitter and noticed a tweet that hooked me in and I then followed the link to Dumb Little Man dot com.  While I did not have the time to check out the site to any degree there was an excellent post, I think so anyway, titled 16 Sneaky Ways You Sabotage Your Own happiness ( and What You Can Do About It ).  While I intend to go back and check out any other jewels that this site might hold; I have to first give you a link to this article.  I hope this might be a help to you in your quest for happiness.

I know when you read this you will think of certain friends, co-workers, family members or maybe even yourself.  I did, and it made me laugh to myself, although it is not really a laughing matter.  More sad than funny but sometimes you just can’t help it.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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