Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. The day for gratitude, the day we are supposed to be grateful for all our many blessing. Are we really grateful? If so what are we grateful for? When the pilgrims started this they were just grateful for having just survived, for not starving or being killed by the locals. If you look back at it; they really did have something to be grateful for. Well so do we. Even the poorest of us are more blessed than the majority of people in other parts of the world. Whatever our social status or the state of our health we are all blessed to be in the greatest country that ever existed, even with it’s problems. If by chance you are reading this somewhere other than the USA, I am sure that you to have something to be grateful for as well.. If you are reading this you are alive, if you have family or friends, if you have food to eat, a roof over your head, clothes to wear or a job, you have one or more things to be grateful for. How about making a list to remind us how blessed we are and make an effort to be grateful, not only today but every day, we will be happier for it. Enjoy the food and the day off but let’s not forget the purpose¬†for the day. Be grateful for the friends and family that are with you today, enjoy.

The average person consumes about 4000 calories on Thanksgiving, over twice the amount most of us need, so eat wisely. It doesn’t take 4000 calories for us to be able to enjoy it.

I do hope that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving in every way possible.  David

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