Have Positive Outlook, Be Happy, Live Longer

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I was just reading a post on Dr. David R. Hamilton’s website about the value of being positive and of being happy. I was already convinced that there was a health benefit but Dr. Hamilton is a PhD and maybe his opinion will carry more weight than mine with some people. Those of you that have read my writing before; probably already know that I believe in having a positive outlook where possible and in most cases it is possible if we work at it and want to. The same about being happy; we are the one that determines whether we are happy, no other person, thing or situation can do it for us. There are certainly, things, circumstances or even people that may make it easier to be happy.. Where we fail is when we get to thinking that they are the reason for our happiness.

I think you will get a positive benefit from reading Dr. Hamilton’s post. I am grateful to him for sharing his idea with us. Go here to read.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


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