How Can We Be Living Longer But Not Better?

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Today we on average live longer than people did fifty years ago but the death rate from some diseases have not changed much.   Modern medicine does some things rather well and others very poorly.   If we are in a tragic horrible accident they can bring us back from the brink of death in ways that could have not even be dreamed of fifty years ago.  They have surgical skills that border on the miraculous and they can do wonderful things with it. They have modern diagnostic equipment that can help them determine what ails us.  This country spends more on health care than any other comparable country but in the end; they fail miserably in helping us to be and remain healthy.   Our quality of health care is lower than most of the developed countries.

Except for the above mentioned examples the health care industry is in the business of treating symptoms; not curing disease.  Heart disease, diabetes and other diseases can be cured or reversed by changes in diet and / or physical activity.  How many doctors will even admit that and even fewer will tell their patients that.  The medical schools do not teach nutrition as it relates to our health and most of the published data put out by our government is flawed or simply not true.

The approach is usually if they can’t cut it out or install some device to make it work; they write you one or usually more prescriptions for the symptoms and send you home.  Most don’t know anything else to do.  There are some that are open minded and will go out of their way to find an approach that will benefit their patients but others are even hostile to the idea that something besides what they have been taught could work.

If we get cancer they may be able to successfully treat it, put it into remission or reduce it to the point that it is not life threatening but if we keep living in the same way as before it will most likely return.  We all have cancer cells in our bodies and it can remain inactive or non threatening for years; then something allows it to start growing.  We could be unhappy in some area of our life, job, home life, or be under constant stress and feel overwhelmed and that the situation we are in is hopeless.  If that trigger that caused the cancer to start growing still exists; it can also be the trigger to allow it to return.  When people who have been told they have very little time left to live; make a dramatic change, it can add years to their lives and enjoyable, meaningful years too.

We will live a healthier, longer life when we take charge of our own health.  We can certainly use the medical profession when we have a need in an area where they excel but when it is an area we can better control; it is our responsibility.   You wouldn’t ask your maid  to fix your car, so why ask a doctor to do something most doctors are not good at. You can dig through all the conflicting information about what to eat and how and how long you need to exercise to achieve the quality of health you desire.  It may take some trail and error but you can figure out what works for you.  It is much cheaper and much safer than popping pills.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson




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