How Do We React To the Unexpected?

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Tragedy is unexpected, right? Good things can be unexpected too. I guess you could say that it is funny the way people react to the unexpected; but it is not if that reaction itself turns into a tragedy. You could say a temporary tragedy turns into a permanent tragedy. We have all read of, heard of or known people who have had spinal cord injuries. Where one person may have a brief period of depression and grief; then move on and do what they have to do to have a meaningful life, another may sink into depression, become bitter, resentful and blame God or the world for their plight.They both had the same injury but approached it from entirely different directions. One remade his life; the other gave up his chance for life.

I just read a post written by Amanda Hemers on her blog called 5 Tips On How To Live With Passion. While her tragedy does not compare to what I wrote about above; it was bad enough, that I am sure if she had wanted to, she could have used it as an excuse to be less than what she was capable of. We can hide behind our tragedies or we can burst through to the life we deserve. A tragedy that we might easily overcome; may be devastating to another. Let’s try not to judge others but to instead encourage them to see that they can move on to a better life.

I hope you enjoy Ms. Hemers’ article as much as I did. I appreciate her for writing it.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


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