How Far Have I Come?

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Sometimes it is still hard for me to believe that I am blogging. I never felt up to doing something like this; I did try to do a website a couple of years back but I never finished it. The confidence was just not there, I felt intimidated by computers and the internet. This time I had help and support from someone who knew a lot more about it than I did. It probably would never have happened without her help and her continued support. I really appreciate what she has done. If any of you have the desire or need to do a blog and need help let me know, maybe we can be of help.

Why would anyone want to do a blog anyway; you might ask. Maybe you have knowledge or a skill that you want to share. You may be looking for a way to give back or maybe you are retired or going to be soon and you want to have something meaningful to do with your time. You may even be looking for a way to make a little extra money or a lot, to supplement what you already have or for some special purpose such as travel. I don’t think you need to do it just to make money; you will probably give up before you ever do. The ideal is when you can do it because you love doing it; it can benefit others and may sometime down the road become a paying proposition.

If you have a hobby where you make something to sell; you could use a blog to spread the word about what you make and you could actually sell from the blog. Have a book you have written or want to write, want to teach a skill that you have, either by an online class or by selling an e-book. Maybe you just have a viewpoint you would like to share, have your own soapbox, so to speak. There may be a cause or causes that you want to support or even causes you want to speak out against.

Since I started this blog 126 blogs ago; I have learned so much. I have learned a good deal about how to blog; the mechanics of blogging, how to post stuff, do links, add photos, correct my mistakes, most of the time anyway. I remember when my Father was about age sixty and he went into a funk for several months because he was at the age where he thought his life was almost over. He did finally realize that he wasn’t at death’s door and he had several more years of good health and eventually lived to to be 76 before he died from A.L.S.. I am five or six years older than he was then and I have never felt that my life was almost over, that I won’t be able to continue doing a lot of things I have always done and a lot that I never had the courage to do before. I love doing new things, learning new things, meeting new people, helping others, if I can and the satisfaction of trying to anyway. I think we need a purpose that makes sense to us. How many people have you heard of retiring and not having anything to do but sit and watch TV and get fat? Not the recipe for a long and happy retirement is it?

We don’t all have to blog or anything else in particular but we need to find something to keep us motivated, using our talents, helping others if we can, and learning new things, always learning. The way to keep our brains sharp is to use them often. The way to keep our bodies running at their peak is to keep them moving and to feed then the right fuel and not too much of it.

So what have you always wanted to do? It may seem silly but if you have always wanted to do it; what is holding you back. You don’t have to do it for anyone else, just do it for you.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


2 thoughts on “How Far Have I Come?

  1. Thanks David, I try everyday to expand my experiences and step out of my comfort zone. That is the thing that inspires me most, that I can muster up the strength and bravery to step out and step up. I appreciate your blog and I am proud that you do it. I think lots of people benefit from your words.

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