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Are we still here? I guess the curse of the Mayans didn’t get us after all. Not a curse really just a misunderstanding; I guess we thought they knew more than they were telling us. Probably they just didn’t know near as much as we thought they did. I am sure they were very advanced for their time but compared to today; maybe not so much. Why do we get these ideas; why are we always afraid of what the future holds, the unknown? If we knew what was to come; even if we knew everything would be alright, especially if we knew everything would be alright, what then, I think I would get bored real fast. Where is the fun; the adventure if we never have surprises come into our lives. We always want everything to go our way, we want all the money we could ever want, to be able to have anything we want. I have news for you; if you could have everything you ever wanted, you would still not have happiness because stuff doesn’t make us happy, not for long anyway. I am an eternal spiritual being spending a lifetime here on earth as a human being; what is the big deal even if yesterday had been the end of the world, I would have just changed my address. I would still be, you would still be, everyone would still be but our excursion as a human being here on earth would have ended This is not the only place for us. I don’t want to give you the impression that I am ready to go, end this existence here, I am not,but for now I am happy here. I feel that I have things left to do here but if not, then so be it, I am not running the big show. There is a power greater than me. I would miss being able to try to  help my kids and grand-kids, see my grand-kids grow up, see what they make of their lives. I don’t know but maybe I can make a difference in somebody’s life, make it a little easier, share some wisdom, help them not to make the same mistakes I did. I am nowhere ready to go but hey; that is not my call, so why should I worry about it. I don’t.

I am glad you are still here. I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are having the most marvelous and happy and blessed Christmas season possible. Hug everyone for me.         David Johnson

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