Is Everything In Your Life As You Would have It?

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I would guess that there is a very small percentage of us who would answer yes to that question. Obviously there are some of us that would though; to those who do, I hope you feel blessed and I hope you are grateful every day, for you are truly blessed. You are probably among the one per centers; maybe not as most people classify them, you may have little money, but you clearly understand what makes you truly happy. Whether you feel this way because you are truly blessed in all areas of your life or that you are just sincerely grateful for what little you do have, you have found what makes you happy. I can not say yes; for there are things currently that are out of my control but I am working to move what I can change into the yes column.

It matters not where we are; to change anything in our lives that are not to our liking, we must start right here where we are. Some of us have health problems, weight problems, relationship problems, money problems or you name it. I can almost guarantee that the problem did not occur overnight and the solution will not come instantly either. left alone these problems can become where they seem overwhelming. They are not, these situations  became problems gradually and in most cases we can gradually work to change them. In some cases we may have an emergency on our hands but where we don’t; we can make a course change and gradually steer our life in the direction we want to go. Most if not all problems come from bad or unproductive habits; what we need to do is change these habits by replacing bad or unproductive habits with good or productive ones. It matters not how many bad habits we have have; it will just take us a little longer to get where we want to go. When we replace a bad habit with a good habit and maintain that new habit for at least three weeks that habit becomes our dominant habit.

We may think that we have gotten ourselves in so deep that there is no way out but there is, there always is a way. If we have let our relationship go, we can sit down with the other person and tell them that we have neglected them or mistreated them and that we are sorry and that we want to rectify the damage we have done. Ask them what we need to do to do this; then do it. Maybe you are a hundred pounds overweight and we feel like s–t and we have all of these health problems resulting from all the weight and we hate that we have let ourselves get into this shape. We feel about two inches tall; we have trouble facing ourselves and certainly don’t want to be reminded by anyone else what we have done and are doing. We are so discouraged that we don’t even want to think about getting healthy; at this stage of the game, that just doesn’t seem possible. What do we do?

Determine what changes we want and pick a first step and get moving.  We got here in stages, over time and we can recover the same way. We just have to replace the habits that got us here with habits that will take us out of here to where we want to be. One slow steady step at a time. once we see that what we are doing is working; we can confidently pick up our speed an move forward.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


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