Is Your Cooking Method Healthy?

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It is not only what we eat that is important but also how it is cooked. By choosing a healthier way to cook our food we can not only be healthier but also live longer.

For years I have read about the dangers of charing foods which we sometimes do when grilling or broiling and even when we burn our toast. This can create carcinogens in the food and could with repeated exposure over time lead to the formation of abnormal cells which can lead to cancer.

Dr. Helen Viassara, the Director of the Diabetes and Aging Division of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City has written a book called The Age-Less Way. In her book she talks about AGE’s which are chemicals called advanced glycation end-products. While AGE’s are already present in small quantities in our bodies and our foods, the way we cook our food can greatly increase them. Dr Viassara’s choice of cooking methods are boiling, poaching and stewing. She recommends we limit the use of high, dry heat as well as frying. Grilling, baking and frying release more AGE’s which make us age faster, cause inflammation  and worsen diabetes. Even the way we toast our bread can exponentially increase our exposure to AGE’s. The correct way to toast is to limit any real browning of the bread only adding a little crunch, use a very low setting and longer toast time. This book is available on Amazon, go look inside to learn more

Maybe this is one small step we can all use to be just a little bit  healthier. I had never really heard anything about AGE’s myself. I think it is good to know.

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