Life Is A Surprize

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Life is unpredictable; just like the weather, we often don’t get what we want or expect. This morning on Facebook I posted that it was snowing and it looked like a misty rain. The flakes looked like small grains of salt or sugar. Since then there have been some large flakes and also some sun for a few seconds. The news people are saying that the temperature this spring is something like thirty degrees less than this time last year. I guess global warming is taking a break this year. Well really I don’t really believe in global warming as it is traditionally thought of. I agree that we may be in a warming trend and we have no way to know how long that will happen but this certainly is not the first time that has happened. We did have an ice age; imagine how that would have thrown a wrench into our lives if we had been alive then. I think that would be much worse than a rise in the ocean levels. That would put a serious hurt on our ability to grow food to eat. The climate has always changed down through recorded history. Even fifty or a hundred years is just a blink in time, who knows how long the temperature will trend higher before it turns back the other way and it will.

I guess where I am going here is that we as humans have the ability to adapt to different situations and things can get dicey sometimes but we will find a way to survive. We may even find a way to be happy. When we focus on what we have and not what we have lost or do not have and are grateful for it we tend to be happier. On a day like today it would bring a big smile to my face just to have the sun came out and stay. During the winter time especially; after days and days of clouds and rain it makes my heart sing to see the bright sun again. Can we be happy during those cold cloudy days? Sure we can but sometimes we need a kick start and a bright sunny day is the lift that we sometimes need. We should try to be happy always but even though the weather and life is unpredictable we can and will adapt.

We often hear people who are overweight or unhealthy say that they just don’t like vegetables or other healthier foods; so they don’t eat them. I have a pretty good idea that if because of the weather or for some other reason it became impossible for them to get the foods they eat and like, if there were vegetables available they would be eating them. We adapt. So if we would eat these foods if we had to survive; why not eat them to be healthy or to maintain a healthier weight. We know deep down in our being that we should; we are making a conscious choice not to.

So why wait until we are forced to adapt; we know what we need to do. Rising oceans would force those who have built houses on the beach where they are damaged or destroyed every few years to adapt. Those houses should never have been built there in the first place unless the owner is fully capable of sustaining the loss of it. The idea that someone else or the government should cover their losses is absurd. The same if you intentionally create a health condition that requires expensive treatment, unless you can cover the cost yourself; it is just as absurd to expect someone else or the government to pay it. It is our responsibility to be responsible.

Life is unpredictable enough when we do our part but even more so when we let things happen by chance. We have adapted to make life easier and more comfortable when the weather changes; I know we can adapt to the onslaught of unhealthy processed packaged foods loaded with fat, sugar, salt and empty calories that we see advertised everyday.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


2 thoughts on “Life Is A Surprize

  1. I appreciate your blogs, and this one is especially good. Unfortunately, we don’t wear signs that say “I’m unhealthy and overweight because of things beyond my control,” do we? For instance, my health issues are because of mercury toxicity from things like silver fillings in my teeth, but nobody looking at me would know that. I find your blogs encouraging. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Teresa. I read fairly recently about a cleanse that would flush heavy metals out of our bodies but can’t remember where I read it or exactly what it said. I will keep a lookout for it and will let you know when I run across it again. I have the same kind of fillings but have never had any problem.

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