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This is a continuation of my post from from three days ago. I said then I thought I had enough information now to know how to eat to be healthy and to maintain a healthy weight, and I do. Am I eating that way now, no. I have only known this for a very short time. Will I ever totally eat that way? I can’t honestly say for sure but I hope to eventually, for the most part. What I believe, and I know it is true for me, a major change has to be gradual to be sustainable. This may not be possible in some cases such as when we are alcoholics, addicted to drugs or have an extreme health condition that were it to continue, would be life threatening. It would be very hard; for instance, to go from eating steak all the time to eating just rice and I am not recommending a rice diet. If your life depended on it and you truly wanted to live, you could make a gradual transition to a diet of just rice. I am constantly moving in the right direction and I hope one day to be there, eating as healthy a diet as I know how to. Even if I never reach perfection; I will be much better off than if I had never tried.

I am aware that most of us never truly know what the healthiest diet is because of all the contradicting information out there. Something has to be done though; this country has become a nation of the obese, the diabetic, the people living a pills to mouth existence, the unaccountable, that can’t see the results of their actions, of consuming an unhealthy diet. I am really puzzled; can we really not see what we are doing to ourselves or do we just not care? Even if we don’t know exactly what to eat and in what quantities to achieve optimum health we know enough to know that what we are eating is not it. We could do what we know to do and make changes along the way as we get better information. That is what I have been doing for years. Although I feel that I have just about got the puzzle solved, I am sure that something will come along to improve upon it. Should I have waited until I had all the information before I stared? I don’t think so, I would have been fifty to sixty pounds overweight for a lot more years and I could and probably would have developed some serious health issues because of it.

I know people right now that have very serious health problems; some life threatening, that take medications by the handful, some even still smoke, yet they don’t seem to see the cause of the problem. It is like they are wearing blinders; a bad case of denial I guess, I don’t know. I want to help people if I can but how do I get them to the point where they see that they need help. What is the solution? If any of you know, please let me know. I would love to have a dialog about this. I really want your ideas.

If any of you have been in this situation and have found a way to be healthy that works for you, I would love to hear how you did it and who knows, you might be an inspiration to someone else to get healthy. I know there are lots of you out there that have turned your lives around. I know it wasn’t easy for you but it was probably easier than you thought it would be. How about inspiring someone else to do the same. Remember a good idea not shared, has limited reach. I appreciate all of you.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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  1. Over-eating is a type of addiction. I don’t think it fits into what most of us think of as an addiction though since we need food to live. I honestly think a person will not face any addiction until they have a reason to stop. Most of the time that reason has to be extreme such as threat of death. Sometimes even that will not make a person stop. My Dad smoked until the day he died from it. His comment was “you have to die of something”. I think he chose to die rather than put himself through the uncomfortableness of quitting the cigarettes. Also, when a person is addicted to eating, the doctors put them on all kinds of prescription meds to keep them alive while doing very little for their health. Then their problem is compounded by the fog of drugs (some very serious pain meds) which does not help people get up the strength to stop unhealthy behaviors. I think something tremendously life altering must happen in most cases to make people wake up and no one can do it for them or convince them until that happens. Myself included. I am no stranger to addiction and can sit in denial just like anyone else. My addiction isn’t food though so at least I don’t have that to deal with. (see I’m in denial right there, ugh) Anyway, I would love to hear from some folks who got the wake up call and did something about it. It does help to hear how others turn their lives around.
    Thanks David,

    • Thanks Sandy; I appreciate your comments. I just wish I could get more like it. We can always learn from other people’s experience; we can let them make the mistakes so we can avoid them.

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