One of the Dangers of Modern Life

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Another view from my back yard.

We read or hear every day of things in our environment that may make us sick, give us cancer, change our sexuality; and otherwise fill our bodies with dangerous chemicals.  We are told of possible consequences of ingesting this chemical cocktail but we really have no way of knowing what our particular mix of these substances will manifest sometime in our future.  It is not like each of us has the same mix; it is also not like we are each effected in the same way, even if we did.  We all know someone who smoked and died from it at a young age and others who lived into their nineties or later while smoking.

One of the dangers I am talking about is the use of plastics.  First off I am aware that we are probably not going to eliminate plastic from our lives; at least not in our lifetimes, maybe in a perfect future.  I see this like using organic foods or not, we are not going to eliminate our exposure but we can reduce it.  If you can afford it; I think buying organic is good but it more important to eat healthy foods whether organic or not than to buy organic junk or highly processed foods.

I want to give you a link to a article that explains all the different kinds of plastic and explains which are the healthiest and which to avoid.  The article is called  20 Ways to Avoid the Toxins in Plastics by Dawn Gifford and is found on the blog Small Footprint Family.  We as individuals can only do what we can do but this information can help those of us who desire to lower our exposure to do that.  Any progress we make; could make a huge difference in our lives and those of our families.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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