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This is the perfect time of the year to start a tradition, that of sharing your love with hugs. Hugs are free; always the right color, the right size, the right flavor, the right temperature, perfect in fact. Hugs make us feel happier, hugs are the easiest way to communicate our love to others; friends, family and strangers. I know most of you ladies think hugging a strange man is the last thing in this world you want to do; unless maybe if it is Brad Pitt or some other hottie. You men who might be pron to take certain liberties if someone hugs you; behave yourselves, we will all benefit.

Most of us during this time of the year give hugs and get hugs more frequently than other times of the year because there are parties with family and friends. We have family we don’t see often come to town  to see us or we go to see them. When we love someone and it has been some time since we have seen them, we want to hug them; unless of course if we came from a family that didn’t hug.

I was an only child and I can’t remember a lot of hugging as I grew up. I am sure that my mother did when I was young but I can’t say I remember it. I remember my mother hugging me before I left to join the Air Force and years later I remember hugging my Father. I don’t know if he ever hugged me. After I married and we had children of our own; we made an effort to hug freely; my girls we raised to give and receive hugs. We still take the effort to hug each other; it is almost an automatic thing to do with us.

People who hug are happier and happier people live longer. There is even a website that teaches you how to hug.     When we give or receive long hugs our bodies release the bonding and feel good hormone oxytocin. Hugs make us feel loved, that we are accepted, that we are worthy of someones effort and just plain good.

So let’s take this opportunity where it is more acceptable for hugs to get in the habit of hugging. If you are not sure about a hug; ask if you may hug them, never force a hug on anyone. If you do it with respect; most people are open to being hugged. Let’s make this a more loving world; by hugging those who need it, even if we are the one who is in need. We will all benefit.

Many hugs to you all this Christmas season and through out the new year. Let’s make 2013 the greatest year yet.   David Johnson

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