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Before we even hope for a better year in 2013; let’s reflect on the year we just had. What was it about this year that you liked and what would you have avoided if that were possible. As with most things; it is not all good nor all bad but a combination of the two. As it is a Sunday; most of us are off today and a lot of us will be off tomorrow as well. It is a perfect time for us to reflect on the year 2012 and decide if there is anything we would like to be different in 2013. I guarantee that 2013 will be different but will it be different in the way you want it to be; will random change meet your expectations. If we want a specific change; we must figure out what we must do to make that particular change occur. Random chance will give you infinite possibilities; even when flipping a coil you get a fifty percent chance of getting what you want. We must be the catalysis for the change we desire.

Are you up to the challenge? Are you afraid you will fail if you try? What would happened if you did fail? Would you not feel proud that you had the courage to try? Would you not learn from your failure? If you don’t give up; doesn’t a failure bring you closer to your goal? So, why not go for it? This time next year you will respect yourself for trying; you might even succeed. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I have been doing this blog for less than two months but I feel I have come a long way in that short time. There are so many things I want to do with it but some of it seems a bit overwhelming; more than a bit really. The only thing I know to do is to keep adding things as I learn and feel more comfortable with them. I may never be an expert but I have some good help and together we will hopefully get it done. If any of you have any suggestions to improve this blog please let me know; it will not hurt my feelings at all, in fact I will be grateful for the help. This blog is for you my readers; which for now are far too few but with your help, I may be able to add content that will be helpful to you and others to come.

In the new year I plan to do several full book reviews of some books that I feel would benefit almost anyone who would read them. I will put more attention on what to eat, how to prepare healthy meals, what not to eat, how certain foods are considered beneficial and may be used to either prevent or even treat certain chronic conditions. I will cover prevention as well as reversing chronic conditions with the proper diet and lifestyle. There  are chronic conditions that are considered irreversible that can be improved or reversed by a drastic change in diet and lifestyle.

This blog will never be a food blog but I plan to cook more, share healthy recipes from other blogs, modify recipes to make them more healthy and easier to make. If I could pick one thing that is killing people; it is people blindly buying and eating what the food industry is putting out there, with total disregard for the consumers health. Processed food is what is killing us; well not me anyway, I seldom eat it. I am in the minority though. Healthy food does not have to be hard to get, hard to cook. With a little planning you can have a healthy meal on the table in thirty minutes or less and it will be fresher and more nutritious than even the healthiest factory meal. And it will cost you less money. I will do more to show you how to do this. I will teach you about healthy oils, foods with fiber, the benefits of using herbs, eating fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. Snacks that are healthy and how to avoid those that aren’t. Whatever else you tell me you need to know.

So here is looking forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous new year; where you can enjoy good healthy food and have good health. You do not have to pick one or the other. If you are overweight or have chronic health conditions that may be helped by diet; please love yourself enough to at least give a change in diet a decent chance. It could be you last chance.

Happy new year, may it be a healthier one. I want to thank everyone who has read this blog up to this point and for the encouragement I have received.       David Johnson

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