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Taken in my front yard, morning after the storm.

Sometimes when something is happening that we do not want to happen; it seems like things will never be right again and sometimes that is true.  Some things do lead to permanent loss and permanent change.  When someone dear to us dies, that is permanent, nothing will ever bring them back.  Unlike the previous example; most change, even if permanent, does not have that kind of impact but it gives us a chance to move on.  That is good; when we are forced to move on, it gets us out of our comfort zone and allows us a chance to learn new things and to bloom.  Like a plant, sometimes we feel rooted to one spot and only by being moved by change can we reach our potential.  When we have to change there is an equal chance that the change will be an improvement and if we can see the positive in everything and be open to what is to come, the odds get much better.

Last night I was sitting here watching TV when this very unexpected electrical storm descended upon me, the lightening was flashing and the thunder rolling.  After a couple of minutes the lights flickered a few times and were gone.  The power was only out a couple of minutes but I had to wait ten to fifteen minutes for my Directv to reboot.  While that was happening I went out on my front porch to check on things and it hadn’t even rained.  It did rain right after that and managed almost a half inch but the rain was not the main event.  The main thing was the sudden and possibly damaging electrical storm, was I really concerned, no and if I had been aware that it was coming, would probably have not given it much thought.

Like spring after winter; the time after a storm seems like renewal.  Many times after something we think is bad has happened in our lives; it turns out to be a renewal too. The saying ” when a door closes, another will be opened ” is saying that life is continually renewed; whether we think we want it or not.  When things change we probably will not be able to go back; so we have to be open to the possibilities the change has presented to us and use the change to our own best interest.  We all know from experience that many things we initially think are devastating tend to work out over time.  What looks like gloom now may and probably will lead to an opportunity down the road.  We just have to be open to see it.  So the next time something like this happens in your life, don’t panic, give yourself some time to work it out and see how you can turn it into an opportunity rather than settle for what is initially seen as a tragedy.

I must admit that I don’t like change much unless I am in control of it but it is going to happen anyway so let’s go with the flow and use it to our advantage.  Besides, life would get very boring without it.

To Change!  Toast!

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson


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