The True Meaning of Prosperity

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The true meaning of prosperity is not just wealth.

The true meaning of prosperity to me is much more than having money or things.  It includes peace of mind, health, happiness, a social network of family and friends and the ability to use your talents doing that which you feel called to do and are best suited.  There is nothing wrong with being bountifully blessed financially; in fact that may be what gives you all the other trappings of prosperity.  I is really hard to follow your dream when you are struggling to support yourself.

The true meaning of prosperity to me is having enough financial reserves to get all the other things that goes with it to make the whole package.   Bill Gates could not be doing the good he is now if he had not had the success he had earlier but instead was still struggling to make a living for himself.  In some cases we can work on all the aspects of prosperity as we go along but in a lot of cases the money or the security afforded by it must absolutely come first before some of the others.

Happy family outdoors.

Another element of prosperity, joyful, happy relationships.


Let’s break down some of the aspects of prosperity and look at them separately.  Take peace of mind and happiness for instance; They certainly can be had without riches but if we or those we love are hungry, cold or have other basic needs we can not provide, then that is pretty well impossible for us.  Second let’s look at health.   Some of us are born with good health and if we take care of ourselves and have a reasonable degree of happiness and peace of mind, have some good friends, maybe a loving family we should be okay there.  On the other hand if we are in a constant struggle to make ends meet, always under stress, never feeling like you are making any progress, use smoking, alcohol or drugs to help us cope, then maybe that good health passes by the way.

Being able to do what we feel called to do and what our talents are best suited for to me, is number one.  A few lucky souls get to do this without having riches, and some even become rich doing it but some of these things either do not pay or pay very little.  Following your calling can lead to great happiness but not being able to provide for yourself or your family can take all the joy and satisfaction from it.

The true meaning of prosperity requires a balanced life, not just being blessed in one area of it.  I know some of us feel that money is evil or we feel that those who have it are evil or at the very least have gotten it illegally or by cheating someone to get it.  We get this belief from our parents, friends and even from our religious teachings.  We are not successful and we feel we never will be so we convince ourselves that we have to do wrong to be successful or that having more than a minimal living is a sin.  We wear it as a badge, like we are not like them, we are better because we don’t have all that evil money.

In my next posts I will dwell more into the true meaning of prosperity. There is a book that I read a couple of years ago and am currently rereading that I would like to recommend.  It is called Open Your Mind to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.  It is not a recent book, copyright 1971 but it is as valid today as when it was written.  Ms. Ponder has written many books but this is my favorite.  You can get it here.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

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