What I Didn’t Know; Did You?

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This is not what I had intended to post today but I was doing research on another subject and ran across this. The information came from a link off of a Twitter post from Dr. Mercola. Dr Mercola is not your average run of the mill doctor; he has been creating controversy for years by his divergence from the standard health industry approach of, take your vaccines, take your pills, go home and hope for the best. ( My assessment ; not his). He is regularly featured in the media; both print and on TV. He has been on The Dr. Oz Show and was voted The 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by The Huffington Post.

I have read many times about the drinking of various soft drinks and their effect on the obesity epidemic. This includes both the sugary version and the ones sweetened by artificial sweeteners The thing that caught my eye was the article titled. Coca-Cola Rolling Out New Misinformation Campaign to “Combat Obesity“. At one time I was a regular soft drink consumer and at one time I was also sixty pounds heavier than I am now. Was that why I was sixty pounds heavier? Probably not but I am sure it was part of the problem. I never was a really large drinker of soft drinks but when I did it was the sugary version. I never liked the taste of the other and would rather do without than put up with the taste; guess I was lucky. Never being a heavy drinker; except for the big 60 – 80 ounce fountain versions sometimes, it wasn’t that hard for me to quit them. I did not find them to be a really good thirst quencher; especially when I was hot and dry and really needed it. They also frequently gave me acid-re-flux as well.

The reason I wanted to share this is that I thought it is something everyone should see, whether they believe it or not. You should have the option to decide for yourself. Also, I have family members who have health problems that are at least to some degree related to their consumption of soft drinks. I would like to encourage them to be healthier in any way I can.

I also found another eye-opening post that I would also recommend you read.  It is
What Happens to Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking a Coke . I hope these two articles are a help to you all.
Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson



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