What’s spirituality; How Are We Missing the Point?

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This blog is about me living healthy and by my example might lead you the reader to see something I am doing that may work for you; that at least is my hope.  By living I mean we have a physical side, a mental component and last but certainly not in my opinion the least is our spiritual being.  It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  What’s spirituality to you, how do you see it, is it important?

A couple days ago a friend and I were talking how much hatred and animosity there is between supposedly decent people. The best example probably being the Democrats and the Republicans.  You would think that they were bitter enemies and were killing each other in the streets by the lies they tell about each other and their policies.  The same can be said about rival sport enthusiasts whose support for their teams sometimes turn violent.  We even drive down roads that are for the use of all and we act like they are our own private roads and get angry or violent toward others if we don’t like how they are driving.  What’s spirituality if it is not having love and good will toward our fellow man.

The only thing we have to concern ourselves about is what we have control over and what can harm us.  Someone’s political view is not our business and probably not something we can change.  We can support the politician with the view that is most compatible with our view.  We can even try to change the views of others and certainly try to minimize the damage caused by others actions.  As for sports rivalry; it is a game stupid, it is supposed to be fun.  In all other areas of our lives there will be people doing things we don’t particularly like and in ways we would do differently, so what, it is a free country.  Your rights do not include you being everyone’s boss.  They don’t have to run their life the way you would have them to.  Further more; unless they are causing you harm, it is none of your business anyway.  When we take care of our own business and let others handle theirs, we are all happier.  What’s spirituality if not having peace in our lives.

Are you always looking for conflict and drama in your life?  Spirituality is being closer to our higher selves, and our God and not focusing on ourselves and our supposed importance.  There are 7,120,000,000+ people on this earth with us and they each have the same God and we all each have a soul and each one of these people are just as important as you or I are.  The consciousness of this world will rise in the same proportion to the changes we each make to be more accepting of others.  Just because someone is different in some way, looks different, does things differently, talks differently, doesn’t make them our enemy.  We each are as one of the tiny grains of sand on the beaches of the world, neither more or less important than any other grain of sand on any beach, anywhere.  Just as a single grain of sand is a part of the beach and the beach would not be the same without it; we are a part of mankind and who we are influences the whole and mankind would not be the same without us.  What’s spirituality then if we make no effort to be a better part of the whole.

I hope I have said something that has made an impact on how you feel about your fellow earthly travelers.  If you disagree or agree please let me know.  I believe we can change the world one person at a time.  It amazes me to see the trivial things that people get upset over, who has the energy or needs the stress.  Let it go of the trivial and find peace.  It takes much less energy to love someone than to hate them.

Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. May you and yours have a healthy and happy day.       David Johnson

2 thoughts on “What’s spirituality; How Are We Missing the Point?

  1. This is beautiful Dad! You have grown and become the man you were always meant to be. You are a wonderful person, and I appreciate knowing you more now than I ever thought I could. I have always loved you, but reading this and everything you share has opened my eyes to you as a person and not just my Dad. Thank you Daddy

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