Why Are We Always Hungry?

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Why are we always hungry? It could be two reasons. First; The food we eat may not be giving our bodies the nutrients they need. The minerals in the soil may be depleted and modern farming methods only supplement the basic needs of the plant. A vegetable plant may look healthy but otherwise not have the trace minerals and other nutrients it would normally have were it grown in healthy non-depleted soil. The same can be said for our meats. Meats grown in a feedlot and feed a high grain diet, especially corn, will not be as healthy for us as would wild venison , elk or buffalo grown on their natural diet.

Second; Most of the food that most of us eat is highly processed before we get it. The more we process a food the less nutrients remain to nourish our bodies. The grains we eat are processed to the point that when we eat them the starches and sugars in them are broken down in our bodies so fast that they enter our blood stream almost as fast as does simple sugar. When this happens our bodies dump insulin into our blood stream to process it. Due to the large amount of sugar that is quickly dumped into the blood stream, we then get a large amount of insulin which quickly lowers our blood sugar level which makes us feel hungry again. Were we to eat a diet of mostly unprocessed foods such as whole grains and vegetables with high water content and lots of fiber we would not get that quick spike in our blood sugar. Not only would we not get that large amount of insulin being dumped into our system; we would feel fuller, more satisfied and it will take much longer for our food to be digested. It will also be much longer before we felt hungry again.

With today’s diet of processed foods; especially white flour and products made with it and the fact that almost all of these products have added sugar, we basically have sugar on sugar. A doughnut for example; white flour with added sugar with a sugar glaze on the outside, same thing for a cake. I challenge you to find a product that is made from white flour or just about any other highly processed food for that matter, that does not contain some form of sugar.

So now you know why you are always hungry.

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